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Slides on light table copyright www.erichammerin.com


Slides on light table copyright www.erichammerin.com


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On this site you will find photos of culture and nature ( no news images ) from
several geographical areas including India, southeast Asia, Sweden, London,
underwater, plus a couple of other photographic lines.
Some areas are, of course,
better covered than others. If you need or want to see pictures from these areas,
make sure you take a good look.
There is also a number of more general illustrations or theme images to be found
under "Other images".

I have pictures that the big agencies have failed to supply.

If you are looking for pictures on a special theme, for example south Swedish
mediaeval churches, rice cultivation in the Philippines, indian standard of living,
cemetaries on Borneo, etc. you can ask for help to gather a selection of pictures.

Crucifixion copyright www.erichammerin.com Royal guards Stockholm copyright www.erichammerin.com Lionfish copyright www.erichammerin.com
Longnecked women Burma  copyright www.erichammerin.com

Pictures on this site are taken using Nikon Olympus Fuji Hasselblad and Sigma equipment.

I'm sorry I can't post several tens of thousands of pictures for viewing or selecting,
but if you think my selections look good, and you still miss something particular, mail me
a description or inquire about the motifs you need. There are many more picures
available. Some are also available in similar versions, i.e. zoomed or standing.
Low resolution pictures for selection purposes can be supplied without cost.

You may also want to check out my Gallery pages.

Most files are being upgraded/added to continuously as pictures are being scanned.

Originals are nowadays mostly digital but I still have some 24x36 mm slides
(negatives do exist, too), and there are also some 6x6 cm and 6x9 cm slides.
All pictures will be delivered in digital form over the internet ( broadband ) or on CD:s ;
24x36 mm at different levels of resolution and size up to 5400 dpi, and medium format
up to 4000 dpi.

Fist with rings on all fingers  copyright www.erichammerin.com Eye with glasses copyright www.erichammerin.com Girl with crystal pyramid copyright www.erichammerin.com Leprosy  man on ground copyright www.erichammerin.com

Prices, terms and conditions are found below the selection list.

Sweden : Scania (Skane) Asia : India
West coast (Bohuslan) Thailand
Stockholm Burma / Myanmar
Sweden various Singapore
underwater Philippines
And also London Pictures of coral reefs
Other images Selected non-Swedish / foreign motifs

Currently you will find approx. 9.200 pictures in the selections above and they are
being added to continuously. The actual number of available pictures is considerably
larger at 100.000 + ...

All images on this website are © Eric Hammerin.
All rights reserved.


Prices, terms and conditions.
Below you can see some key information.
For a complete set of terms click here!

For use inside the EU, price list, terms and conditions are based on suggestions by BLF
( Bildleverantorernas forening ) a Swedish image suppliers' interest organization.
For information, see the english page at www.blf.se. Terms and conditions for
countries outside the EU may vary.
When you order pictures, I also want to know placement and final size of the picture in
your publication, plus circulation number, etc. in order to quote or charge you the
correct amount for your intended use.

My pictures may be moderately adjusted in color, contrast, etc. and have the edges
diffused and may be cropped as needed to suit the publication in question. For more
severe alterations that affect the impression of a picture, written permission is
unconditionally needed before publication.
Pictures of individually recognizable persons may not be used to promote brands,
companies, etc., nor political, religious or other values or beliefs, without written

Low resolution pictures for selection purposes can be downloaded as you please.

When you order pictures at printing quality/high resolution, delivery is made after
proper payment has been received, or trusted customers can get an invoice with the

You can pay through PayPal, which usually is quick and simple.
Payment by credit card is planned to be added as a means of payment later on.

I1 Foto / Eric Hammerin can also be paid from a number of countries via Swedish
Plusgiro or Swedish bank giro. Other forms of payment are also possible, but may
differ from one country to another.

I'll be happy to answer any questions via e-mail, telephone, letter...

i1 logo © Eric Hammerin

I1 IMAGE BANK phone: +46-451-14515
ERIC HAMMERIN Contact via e-mail

You may also want to check out my Gallery pages.


Link to Eye1 - the Eye of Odin art gallery.
Oil painitngs and aquarells. Very nice!



This site is built using text / characters that are large enough to be clear and easy to read. I don't think this type and size is better.

The pictures and pages are kept at a size which hopefully makes them reasonably fast-loading also if you use a modem.

If you have some opinions and views concerning this site you are most welcome to share them with me.

I'd be happy to read / listen to your views and get the opportunity to make positive adjustments. My e-mail



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